Group savings made easy

Circle is a simple app that makes saving for your goals easy. Make contributions daily, weekly or monthly and earn your Circle bonus instantly

How circle works

Have a savings goal or a special purchase you want to save for? Circle enables you to save with friends or on your own — easily and simply.

Just download the app, register, and set your goal. You can make contributions daily, weekly, or monthly. Contribute with mobile money or with your bank card, in local currency or USD. We’ll even reward you with instant bonuses.

Want to invite friends or family to join in? Use our simple in-app invitation, and soon your group will be growing your savings together.

Set a goal
Maybe you want to save for a vacation. Maybe your group wants to save to buy property. Whatever your goal is, Circle will help you get there.
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Set reminders
Once you set your contribution amount and frewquency, we'll nudge you to make sure you reach your savings goals
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Easy group savings
No more cash, travel time, or accounting to be a part of a savings group. Circle manages group contributions instantly and transparently. Use the power of groups to grow your savings together
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Safe withdrawal
At any time, you can opt to withdraw your money. If you're part of a group, we'll notify every member 24 hours in advance of disbursment.
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What circle customers are saying

I find it easier to save with friends, and Circle helped me do exactly that.

Brian Nyagol

This has simplified my personal finances, through the app I’m comfortably making my personal savings $$

Kevin Msilas

I like the platform of the App based on time and cost effective! Great…

Fredrick Okoth

Join Circle today

To help you reach your savings goals
simply, securely and affordably

Frequently asked questions

Signing up is easy. Just go to the Google Play store and download Circle. As soon as you open the app, you’ll be prompted to register. Once you sign in, you’ll be able to set your goal, invite friends, and start saving immediately.

Although Circle was designed with groups in mind, you can save alone just as easily.

Circle makes it easy to save with a group of people who are spread across the world.

Whenever you want to withdraw your savings, just select “Close Circle” in the app. You’ll then be prompted to select whether you want to receive your funds by bank transfer or mobile money. You’ll have your funds within 24 hours. For group accounts, every member will be notified when the group admin opts to close the account, and you’ll have 24 hours to contact us before the funds will be disbursed.

We are transparent about all our fees. Below is our fee schedule, which you’ll also find in the app.

Yes, as long as you create an account, you can still contribute via mobile money by paying to the Circle mobile money account and quoting your unique account number.

We’re working to reach as many users as possible. Although we don’t have a Apple version of the app yet, we’ll be working on it soon. Sign up for our updates to be notified when we release Circle for iPhone.